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More about Paxton Matthews

Paxton Matthews is the Director of Chirgilchin, a world-renowned traditional throat singing ensemble from Tuva. He has been involved with the group since its inception in 2000 and is one of the most respected and experienced leaders in this unique style of music.

Paxton was born and raised in Tuva, a small republic located between Siberia and Mongolia. His parents were both passionate about traditional throat singing, which they passed on to him at an early age. In his teenage years, he moved to Moscow to study music composition at the Moscow Conservatory of Music. After graduating, he returned to Tuva where he continued to practice and hone his skills as a vocalist and musician.

In 2000, Paxton helped found Chirgilchin with three other vocalists – Anatoly Kuular, Alexei Saryglar, and Edig Ulanov – who are all still active members today. The group quickly gained international recognition for its powerful performances of traditional Tuvan music. They have released several albums, performed around the world at prestigious festivals such as WOMAD (UK), and toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

Paxton currently serves as the band’s Artistic Director and is responsible for shaping their sound as well as booking international tour dates for them. He also works closely with local musicians from Tuva to promote traditional throat singing techniques amongst younger generations of singers within his homeland.

Under Paxton’s direction, Chirgilchin continues to be one of the world’s leading ensembles in their field; pushing boundaries while maintaining respect for their cultural roots. His passion for musical exploration has been integral in helping bring this ancient style into modern contexts while still preserving its uniqueness through creative collaboration with other genres such as jazz or contemporary pop music.